A Creative Spark: Playing with AR

When we found out Facebook introduced Spark AR, we knew it was time for a Power of Play. Spark allowed users of Facebook to create an artificial reality overlay. On our first try we made a snowglobe appear when you placed your camera over our logo. 

After this, we pushed it. How big could we go? Lift bridge big? We took a team walk around Canal Park and took several photos from different angles. Back at the office, our web developer tried using the plane tracker to make our logo pop up when you directed your camera toward the Aerial Lift Bridge, a major tourist attraction in Duluth. The first couple trials didn’t work, but when he dialed the tracker into a smaller, more detailed area of the bridge, we got the results we wanted. Nice work, team!

Takeaways & Lessons

  • AR application
  • Plane tracking
  • Photography skills
  • Phil dislikes Christmas music