Fore! A Day of Drones, Content & Golf 

For one Power of Play, our team dedicated a day to content and golf. First, we gathered at a local restaurant and spent the morning learning about content creation and strategy. Then we headed to one of the local golf courses to play. With the theme being content creation, we also dragged the drone along. In between bogies and birdies, we captured footage. 

We also almost killed Phil…. How? We set the drone to tracking mode and had it follow the golf cart. Phil took a sudden sharp turn and the drone didn’t quite keep up, zooming through the cart almost taking Phil out in the process. Whoops! 

While no one hit any hole in ones, we did have a whole lot of fun — and learned a whole lot. 

Takeaways & Lessons

  • Content creation and strategy
  • Drone flying practice
  • Drone tracking feature requires slower sharp turns
  • We’re not great at golf