Storm Watch: Power of Play Edition

Duluth was bracing for a heck of a winter gale. So for our Power of Play we decided to capture the incoming storm. Should we use a phone, a tablet, or one of our professional-grade cameras? We decided on our iPad. After some research we found the best time lapse app. 

Our next roadblock? The angle. While our windows offer a great view of the lake, we needed to set the tablet halfway up them. This is where our creativity prowess came in handy. We hodgepodged a holder and put the iPad in place. 

Right before 5pm we pressed “record” and scurried off into the intensifying wind to head home. The next morning we found our building intact and some awesome footage.

Takeaways & Lessons

  • App research & test runs
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Planning
  • Never underestimate Lake Superior