Destination Fitness is nothing short of a unique venture. This husband and wife owned-and-operated business provides personal training, boot camp style classes, and a strong, personal connection with its members. They operate out of their gym facility or they come to you! Hence, their clever name.

Having been in business for a short time prior to working with Creative Arcade, the couple had plans to take an innovative step with the development of their own gym. Thus, a revised identity seemed appropriate. Their previous identity had “good bones,” but their logo and collateral lacked the direction that made a statement and truly defined their differentiating factor: destination.

We connected and sketched until our brains hurt, but in the end, the simplest idea won out. What better way to show a “destination” than to plot a flag on a map? Coupled with the concept of making one’s self feel better through fitness, our project took off like a sprint.

As you can see in the logo mark, a fluid flag on a pole becomes the major icon. With the shape of a lower case “d” and the flag as an uppercase “F” the end design turns into a dynamic duo logo to match their true identity.

Beyond the improved identity, there was also the matter of a newly constructed gym to fill. Fortunately, a strong following already existed for DF; however, maintaining and increasing their customers base was a priority.

We came together and decided that the best way to promote the unique facility, as well as the types of classes and exercises provided, was through digital advertising and social media. With a newly designed website at the base to do the “heavy lifting,” the suggestion of using simple and vulnerable videos of the classes offered at Destination Fitness was a knockout. The team at DF used their phones to capture and instruct classes in workouts like TRX, yoga, boot camp, and more to add to their social media. Since then, they have developed a dedicated following, stronger engagement, and are proving that you really can get fit anywhere.

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