Healthcare marketing is a challenging industry. However, it’s one that is extremely rewarding in telling the stories of those who care for the sick. Not to mention, the stories of those who look to providers to give them hope when they need it most.

Fairview Range Medical Center and its clinics are based in Hibbing, Minnesota, located in the heart of the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota. Part of the larger Fairview Health System, Fairview Range and Creative Arcade have been working together for the past four years.

We first began working together in 2015, when we were presented with generating a direct mail campaign to help recruit potential hires to take on high-level positions at the hospital. After listening to the needs and goals of the campaign, it soon became clear that our teams had to look beyond the paling list. Creative Arcade proposed that we work together to, not only fulfill the direct mail campaign, but to supplement it via a digital lead generation strategy. We created a landing page for the specific positions which included just a bit more information than the ads or the direct mail presented. The idea was to get the candidate to fill out the form on the page for additional engagement.

About midway through the first campaign, we noticed that it was a challenge to draw in high-level talent to Northern Minnesota. We worked with Fairview and created a long-form and series of smaller social media videos which highlighted the appeal of living in an area where one could practice breakthrough medicine while also having the opportunity to bask in the beauty of the great outdoors.

The response was great. It eventually led to more work recruiting physicians and specialized providers over the following six months. At the end of the initial campaigns, Fairview and Creative Arcade were able to gain 262,000 impressions, over 3,000 clicks through to the landing pages and, ultimately, filled four difficult provider positions.

Following our success with Fairview, in 2017 we were approached once again to help strategize and create a campaign to help show awareness around the hospital’s surgical services. With two new doctors moving to Hibbing and providing their services at the end of 2017, the idea was to “hit the ground running.”

Together, we developed a campaign that consisted of:

  • Television
  • Social media/Digital ads
  • Outdoor
  • Print ads
  • Landing page/lead generation page

It was a new concept for Fairview Range to develop a fully integrated service line ad campaign, and what has been developed since has garnished extreme reaction. The surgical services department has been steadily full since the work has been released. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an impactful organization; but we are even more grateful to have been a part of showcasing the work the Fairview Range Medical Center provides its patients with everyday.

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