Launching a new product can be a difficult venture. In 2015, Creative Arcade was approached regarding a brand identity, website, and launch plan for a new beer soap product based in the Minneapolis, MN area. However, after much discussion and initial planning, it was deemed not possible by the potential client due to financial constraints. As lovers of brand identity (and beer), we decided to pitch a partnership to the company. One where we would bring our expertise while merging with theirs to help launch this amazing product.

We saw this as a great opportunity for two reasons. First, we found it exciting to be developing an intriguing product identity. Second, the skills we would learn in regard to bringing a tangible product to market would be a valuable experience we could pitch to clients in the future.

We developed the following for launch and ongoing promotion:

  • Brand identity and logo
  • Packaging
  • Point of sale items
  • Stationery package
  • E-commerce website
  • Digital strategy and advertising
  • Trade show graphics
  • Promotional material

Although the product was trending in the right direction, the company unfortunately disbanded in 2016. However, it was an amazing project and the insights we learned in bringing a tangible product to market will be used for years to come.

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