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Oooooh, can we play with that?

Kids have the coolest imaginations. With no schedule, no pressure, no agenda, their minds flourish. 

That’s powerful. And that’s the idea behind Power of Play. Each month we let ourselves be curious. We explore new ideas, tinker with new tech, and just, well, play. 

No matter what our venture is — flying drones, podcasting, or even making soap — we always learn something new. The point is to get the wheels spinning, the direction trivial. It keeps our minds nimble, and gives our work a special punch. 

When we connect with our inner kid, our creativity levels up. And we all win.


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A genuine appreciation and love for vintage fruit crate label design led to one of the most rewarding side projects continued at Creative Arcade. Partner, Jeff Ruprecht, began creating the simple, colorful likeness of these labels in 2008, but with landmark subject matter. Since then, it has become an illustrative empire that is now a side-project of Creative Arcade.

Pinpoint Love was born out of an “aha!” moment in 2016. While watching the Chicago Cubs win their first championship in over 100 years, it was evident from the overwhelming fan reaction just how many people love the Cubs and their home ball park, Wrigley Field. This simple idea of presenting the latitude/longitude coordinates of Wrigley in the style of their uniform was born, and the rest is history. Since then, the interior design line has expanded to pro baseball, basketball, football, and hockey.

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