We believe in

Play, as in being curious.
Exploring new ideas with passion.
For the love of, simply, doing.

To create.
Feeding our souls.
Making us better.

Some of our “Power of Play” projects include gaining our drone certification, launching an illustration series of prints called the Duluth Crate Co., and launching our own podcast, where we share our experiences at the agency and insights for clients.

What does the POWER OF PLAY mean for you?

We never know when that thing we’ve been tinkering with on the side—be that starting a podcast or taking inventive drone video or starting a beer soap company (don’t ask)…that shiny thing over there—we can’t predict how that just might work its way into a final design, campaign or product.

But, it does.

It gives our work something special, some magical rhythm between skill and passion we call the Nth Power.

8 Bit Podcast

The 8Bit Podcast began as an experiment in audio recording and turned into a new way for Creative Arcade to share insights and ideas. Since its inception, the podcast has allowed us to expand our knowledge of audio, video and other social media skills that we may not have learned.

When Jan Christenson began working alongside Phil and Jeff in 2017, he brought with him a passion for working with drones. What began as some simple show-and-tell, turned into full-on brainstorms and, ultimately, CA investing in his certification. Since then, we have had the opportunity to use those skills in work done for Fairview and Creative Arcade.

Duluth Crate Co. logo

A genuine appreciation and love for vintage fruit crate label design led to one of the most rewarding side projects continued at Creative Arcade. Partner, Jeff Ruprecht, began creating the simple, colorful likeness of these labels, but with landmark subject matter in 2008. Since, it has become an illustrative empire that is now a side-project of Creative Arcade.

Pinpoint Love was born out of an “Aha” moment in 2016. While watching the Chicago Cubs win their first championship in over 100 years, it was evident that so many people love the Cubs and their home ball park, Wrigley Field. This simple idea of presenting their latitude/longitude coordinates for Wrigley in the style of their uniform was born in observation. And much more work followed.

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